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When it comes to finding the right job in the highly competitive healthcare industry, SEV STAFFING will carry you on its shoulders – to get you there ...

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SEV STAFFING specializes in the recruitment and placement of reliable and highly qualified medical staff for various healthcare facilities ...

Why SEV Staffing?

At SEV STAFFING, we believe that the needs of our clients are paramount, and that our employees are our most valuable asset ...

Wanted immediately!

Wanted Immediately!

For Baytown and Greater Houston area:
         RN, LVN
         CARE GIVER

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Licensed Medical Staff

Licensed Medical Staff

If you are a licensed medical professional, we
have a comprehensive application programme
specially designed for you
– includes competency
tests, skill checklists and various forms – all to
help you land that job you’ve always dreamed of.

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Submit your Résumé

Submit your Résumé

We keep an active job bank to readily fill up vacancies, 24/7.  You may email, visit or call us – we have professional staff who are always ready to assist you. Or, you may simply upload your résumé online and wait for our call.

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Founded in 2001, SEV Staffing has been an agency-of-choice in providing highly qualified professionals for healthcare facilities around the Greater Houston Area, and beyond. SEV Staffing is your comprehensive approach to job sourcing.